About us.

Masked by the beautiful scenery filled with Mountains and vegetation, lies the stark reality of rural education in El Salvador.  Many of the Schools in these rural areas lack the proper infrastructure to be able to offer students with a safe learning environment.

Due to minimal resources, many of the schools in these areas are built using inadequate waste materials that are not on par with the necessary infrastructure.  Within the schools there are dirt floors and the facilities lack fences; exposing the grounds to animals and other external elements.

These provisional schools, so common to rural areas, not only lack adequate building materials, but in the size of the facilities as well. As a result, many kids simply don’t attend classes. The ones, who do want to receive an education, are put under physical strain when having to walk long distances through rough and dangerous terrain to attend school in neighboring towns.

CAFRED builds schools in rural communities of Central America that are physically and socially isolated from the rest of the world.  CAFRED works in areas with a high poverty level, and a low literacy rate.  Where there is a lack of medical services and no running water or electricity.

With the participation of CAFRED, the selected area can construct a new school.  In collaboration with CAFRED, the private sector, the community, the Ministry of Education, other public entities, and university volunteers.  We work together to build new schools that build confidence within the community, and stimulating learning environments for the children.

Along with your contribution, CAFRED can undertake new initiatives and continue with its already ongoing projects that provide adequate learning environments to many of the children in the rural areas of this region.

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