Don’t Do What You Love!

On Monday, July 16th, 2012, students between the ages of 16 and 24 from schools and Universities across El Salvador attended a CAFRED-sponsored workshop session at the El Salvador Youth to Business Forum ( at FEPADE Auditorium in Antiguo Cuscatlan. The Y2B event was powered by AIESEC. With 64,000 members, AIESEC is the largest student-run organization in the World. As a Global Ally of the event, CAFRED sponsored scholarships to four deserving students to attend and take part in the event.

CAFRED sponsored Jonathan Kumar as a guest speaker and workshop conductor for the event. Jonathan’s workshop was entitled “Don’t Do What You Love! Solve What You Hate!”

(Jonathan Kumar is the Managing Director for FoodCircles ( in Grand Rapids, Michigan. FoodCircles provides a meal to a child in need each-time co-workers, family or friends use their mobile app to eat out at locally owned restaurants. Based on the BOFO concept- Buy One Feed One – the restaurant donates to make this happen, often gifting appetizers, dessert, etc., compliments of the house.)

“How many times have you heard, “”Do what you love, Follow your Passion, or any of a number of other quotes that are so cliché?? Well, we can change that and now say “Don’t do what you love, solve what you hate”, because that can help us, and we can find more people who think the same way, and then we can create a solution and sell it. This can apply equally to the nonprofit or for-profit world!

In Jonathan’s workshop, the participants had to make workgroups, neither of them met each other before, the only thing that they had in common was the “thing that they hate”! During the group sessions, the students’ task was to find a solution for that “thing”, after that they earned 3 minutes to pitch their idea in front of all the audience! Around 28 participants pitched their ideas. The result? 5 different groups who are looking for different ways to help society by selling a new service or product! These ideas are all totally different from one another and range from a new app for technological devices to social entrepreneurship.

Voting among the conference attendees took place and the teams were formed, committing to build either a non-profit or for-profit venture. The 5 emerging teams were gifted with a business plan template, a product scope template and connections to US and El Salvador based entrepreneurs.

Once given a product/market fit, the target will be to acquire a first-round investment to build, market and scale their product or organization.

(Following is a list of the winners)

Company Profiles:
1) Pink Group – Drawing Smiles
A project seeking to rescue children exploited and abused in many ways through key education & arts.

rescue children exploited and abused in many ways through key education & arts / Nuestro
proyecto pretende rescatar a los niños explotados y abusados en muchos sentidos a través de la educación
fundamental y las artes
Elisa Araujo
7165 5254

2) Purple Group
An app for avoiding lines at banks (and other important places), similar to the way physical buzzers work at
Ale Melara
7885 9780
3) Black Group – Educacion Esencial
We feel organizations created for the children of El Salvador focus too heavily on the branches of the problem.
Our commitment is to change Salvadorean families by attacking the root: our parents. We propose to not only
educate children but to lead the parents through emotional, financial, and psychological issues. Truly familybased education.
Ovidio Cabeza
7859 4022

4) Green Group

We will make managing your closet and buying clothes easier with an app that will help you dress yourself
Norma Sanchez
7740 0973

5) Orange Group

An analytics platform where consumers post & support gift ideas, the data of which is sold to producers. For every click on gifts posted, producers can sell those objects in their online or retail store. We help people monetize their gift ideas, and help companies know what to sell.

Joaquin Castro Luna
7697 2710

by Saul Maravilla

Regional Director, CAFRED, San Salvador, El Salvador


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