On Making Things Happen in Rural Schools

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On Saturday, December 27 teachers from CAFRED schools had an extra training session.(The facilitator, Lic. Alberto Barillas, is an advisor to USAID in El Salvador and a private consultant in the field of education. He has worked extensively as a consultant to the Salvadoran government’s Ministry of Education.)

This training had more activities, he said that is necessary that the teachers put in practice the information they had received in the previous trainings to be able to debate among themselves to see if they all agree in the programs that they want to carry out and how they will do it.

He told them that they must discuss among themselves at least every month to see if they are achieving the goals they want to meet, or if something is missing, and what kind of issues they had to face to carry out the project that they want.

by Saúl Maravilla

Coordinator, CAFRED Support Committee, El Salvador


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