Implementing Projects – Matching Theory to Practice

On Saturday, February 4, teachers from CAFRED schools had their first monthly training session of 2012 with Alberto Barillas.

During the training session, Alberto explained to the teachers that most of the problems that communities have is because the lack of solidarity and that it is crucial that the schools work on that, “because the only way of developing a community is based on solidarity”.

Sr. (Lic.) Barillas says that “the best way to integrate the community is to involve them with projects in the schools where students can easily find theories learned in class and they showcase these lessons in practice during the projects”.

It is important that when the teacher designs a project, that the students themselves be taken into account in the design. This will encourage  students to feel more enthusiasm to take part in the projects.

Barillas says that “if the students wish to take part and they can match the theory with the practice, this will be transmitted to the parents, and if this happens, the parents will begin to coöperate more and more in the activities of the school”.

Written by: Saul Maravilla
San Salvador, El Salvador


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