Why should teachers really know their students?

On Saturday, November 26, teachers from CAFRED schools had their monthly training session. with Alberto Barillas and Ada Montano (Sra. Montano is Chief of Inclusive Education for the Salvadoran Ministry of Education).

This training session was completely different from all the ones that this year that have been given to them. It is January – almost the beginning of the School year in El Salvador and teachers have a lot of things to keep in mind to improve the way that they work.

The goal is make CAFRED schools inclusive, and to complete this goal, it is necessary to really know the students that we have.

Alberto told the teachers that to get to know their students well,  they must carefully analyze the specific needs of each child.

Sra. Montano stressed the importance of the students becoming involved in their communities. Communities will develop as the students begin to understand the dynamics of their environment and how to impact it for the better.

Also, it is very important to keep in mind that the children who are “sobre edad” (performing below the traditional grade level for their age) feel vulnerable, and can easily become targets for bullying. Therefore, it is necessary to closely identify their needs and keep them in the school system. The methodology that the teacher is using may need to be modified a bit, so that everyone reaches the goal of finishing their studies.

 by Saúl Maravilla

Regional Director, CAFRED

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