A New Experience

On Tuesday, November 2, Students, teachers and members of the Canton Ramirez local school board had a field trip to the Art Museum MARTE at San Salvador. Canton Ramirez is a CAFRED supported school in the Department of Cuscatlan, El Salvador.

They had cookies and juice before they started with the tour around the museum, then they begin with a painting workshop, they were divided in two different groups, the topic of their paintings were the originality of each one, the facilitator told them they are artists they were using the best materials like brushes and paint. The facilitator explain them how to get some colours and how they should clean brushes. At the end of the workshop all the kids were invited to put their creation on the wall of Plaza de los Poetas, to let them dry.

Inside of the museum it was like a such a new experience for everyone, all the kids and parents were excited and shocked of the beauty that the building has and because the entire collection of Revisiones, where they had to fill a worksheet about the paintings that are in the different rooms.

We are glad that the kids had fun and they have learned a lot, about history of El Salvador and art.

The next year we hope to keep working with MARTE and having this field trips with more CAFRED schools, because it’s really exciting and helpful for our child’s to keep working on their way of expression.

 by Saúl Maravilla (Coordinador del Comité
de Apoyo CAFRED, El Salvador)


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