On Inclusive Education

On Saturday, September 17, teachers from CAFRED schools had their monthly training session. but with a new perspective.

The Trainer,  Ada Montano,  is Chief of Inclusive Education for the Salvadoran Ministry of Education. She has years of experience in special education.

This was a great opportunity for all in attendance to learn more about the history of  inclusive education in the world, and what the ministry has been doing all these years. She explained that teachers have a really important role in developing children’s abilities.


“We all have to reach the same goal, but sometimes it is necessary that the teacher take some more time with some students, but that all of us  have the same potential to gain wisdom”.

It is apparent that the teachers are benifitting from the CAFRED teacher training as they are showing more enthusiasm in developing the communities where they are working. One of the biggest challenges that Ada Montano told them, is that they must integrate the community with the activities that are happening in the school.

This is a great way to develop a community – by making a place of interaction – and not only a place where the children go to take their lessons.

We will have a follow up session with her to keep working in this imporatnt area.

by Saúl Maravilla

Coordinator, CAFRED Support Committee, El Salvador
Saul also is a volunteer facilitator for Swedish NGO,  Schools for the Future, focusing on non-violence excercises through childrens literature. Schools for the Future collaborates with CAFRED in Canton El Olimpo, and also works in other schools in Santa Tecla, El Salvador. You can learn more about their programs at www.schoolsforthefuture.org.


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