Una Mirada no Basta – Visit to an Art Musueum – San Salvador

Una mirada no basta…

On August 19th, the
students of Centro Escolar  El Olimpo had
a field trip to the art museum MARTE,  where 60 students  could enjoy all the
paintings that the museum has. They learnt
more about the pre-Columbian art, and some more paintings and sculptures
of contemporary art.  The whole group was divide in two, to have a
better experience closer to the facilitators from the museum.

In the reVISIONES collection, they learnt about Salvadoran history and had contact with
some paintings from such artists as Valero Lecha, Carlos Cañar, Salvador Salazar
Arrué and many others.

Then, they keep the tour around the museum, we made a stop in one of the temporary expositions called “MESOPARASITIO” of Patricia Villalobos,
which she describes as a way  to
describe how the wall become our skin and she makes a reference with our body
and the global conflicts that we have daily.

While we were crossing to other rooms, the impression that all the kids had while they saw a sculpture of our Forefather José Simeón Cañas (art piece of Rubén Martinez).

Go to one room and then
to other, look all the different sculptures, find the different meanings that a
painting could have, and the different meanings of how they make them feel were
really good, sometimes some of them express their amazement, some other were
laughing, they just had a good time, but this was not the end of the field
trip, when they finished all the rooms, they were invited to join a Painting
Session in the Plaza de los Poetas.

When they finished
their paintings, it was time to go back to the school, all were anxious on
going back to the museum, they got a worksheet to fill in and they got a pass,
which they can use to have a free entrance to the museum with their family.

– by Saúl Maravilla (Coordinador del Comité
de Apoyo CAFRED, El Salvador)

Saul is a 2nd year student in Industrial Engineering at Universidad Albert Einstein in San Salvador, in addition to his volunteer work with CAFRED. Saul also translates for a group of Jamaican doctors and nurses who make regular visits to poor communities in El Salvador to deliver medical services.

Saul set up and provided ongoing support for the museum program – involving teachers from the CAFRED schools taking training in art history for 8 straight weeks. At the end of the training, each of the teachers received a diploma from the Ministry of Education and a free pass for students in all the CAFRED supported schools to visit the museum, MARTE, free of charge and take part in art training classes. –


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