First Annual Area Intramurals Take Place at Centro Escolar El Olimpo

 El Olimpo Girls' Softball Team

On Friday, July 29 2011, the First Annual Area Intramural Games were held at El Olimpo School in Apopa, El Salvador. Three local teams were invited by El Olimpo to take part in the event: Petacones School, Santa Carlota School and Guadalupe School.

This activity took place exactly one year and six months after CAFRED initiated its Sports and Recreation Program at El Olimpo School. Among other benefits, the aims of this program have always been to incentivize boys and girls to take part in physical education activities to help them to develop motor skills, help them to form values of teamwork and fair play, improve students’ psychological well-being and work toward a better understanding of the equality of the sexes.

El Olimpo Boys' Soccer Team

Among CAFRED’s objectives, organized sports programs aid in development of young leaders within the communities that we serve, aiding in community development as CAFRED moves on to other needed school building projects within a two to three-year time frame.

In the community of El Olimpo this goal is being achieved, thanks to the help of a young person from the community by the name of Joel, who has completed a community “leadership through sports” program initiated by the Mayor of Apopa, Dr. Luz Estrella. Joel, who was chosen by the Mayor’s office to participate in this special training
program, took on the responsibility of organizing these first annual Intramural
Games, along with the help of school Director, David Vasquez Santos and CAFRED.

The games began with a parade in which all 4 schools participated. The parade route
followed a course from El Olimpo School to the community sports field. Each
grade within each school was represented by a “patron” , a moniker and a team banner.

Upon arrival, there was a small ceremony presided over by the table of honor,
consisting of the directors and teachers of the schools as well as representatives
of the Municipality of Apopa. There were opening remarks by Director Santos
Vasquez, where he emphasized that the purpose of the games was to reinforce
mutually beneficial coöperation between schools.

Thank you all
for participating in the event.

The winners of the internal games won prizes of soccer balls and softballs,  according to sport,   while the winners of matches between school
teams were awarded trophies and medals that were donated by the municipal
government of Apopa.

Participating in the supervision of games were 5th year Physical
education bachelors degree students at the University of El Salvador, Marvin
Aguilar and Edwin Aquino, who worked with Kristian Estrada (CAFRED Project Director),  and Joel participated in the
development of the games.

So went the first Annual Intramural Games. We are waiting for next year so we learn from our mistakes this time and search for help to activities that do even more to bring joy to the children and community at large,  since this type of activity involves and benefits all members of the community.

 By Kristian Estrada, San Salvador

Kristian is a 5th-year Physical Education student at the University of El Salvador, designed CAFRED’s sports program and is currently volunteer Project Director for CAFRED’s Comite de Apoyo.

Kristian Estrada



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