A Special Day

On the following Saturday, the town of Rio Frio  was abuzz with activities.

Centro Cultural Pablo Tesak collaborated with CAFRED to put on a show with giant puppets, “Pan” and “Chan”, art workshops and mask painting for the children,  and a genuine batucada!

…and mural painting!

The competition got heated as the CAFRED team volunteer artists painted the mural on the opposing wall of the school: San Salvador Caricature Artist, Daniel Diaz interpreted and laid out a take-off design previously used at CAFRED’s El Olimpo School (orginal design by Glasswing International).


While all this was going on, Pablo Tesak Cultural Center was holding a workshop for the ladies of Rio Frio in the fine art of making basil-infused “pan” – a lost (or at least, “endangered”)  tradition from the Mayan culinary world! (below left) …and CAFRED volunteers were making American-style hot dogs (below right) with a Salvadoran touch – a delicious topping of pickled cauliflower and carrots and cabbage!  Yes, there was something for every taste!

At the end of the day, we kicked off our shoes for a well-deserved respite!
(A note to Centro Cultural Pablo Tesak and its many talented people): Thank you to all of you! We are especially indebted to our dear friends, Ildiko de Tesak (President of CCPT, humanitarian and promoter of the arts) and Antionieli Chicas (Salvadoran Cultural Promoter) who put this together with 48 hours advance notice and for making an unforgettable day for one tiny forgotten – or almost but no longer forgotten! – community on a dirt road far from public transportation and all such luxuries that many take for granted, such as electricity and running water – but now filled with hope for a better future through CAFRED’s initiatives and a little help from our friends – actually a ton!  It’s amazing what a little TLC can do for people – for all of us occasionally need the human touch, a word of kindness and a day to make our troubles seem far behind, and to know that someone cares about us. This entire project from start to finish has truly been a remarkable work of  love and dedication by so many (more on that in blogs to come) …
Thanks from CAFRED (Central America Foundation for Rural Education Development)

2 thoughts on “A Special Day

  1. Congratulations CAFRED team, there are no words powerful enough to give justice to what you have done and the lives it will forever change! I only wish I had been there.

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