Receiving the school at Rio Frio

There was a lot of excitement in the air yesterday with the arrival in El Salvador of President Barack Obama and his family. Just so happens that our last advisory board member returned to Washington at the same moment – and shortly after the President arrived, there was a small earthquake.

As the taxi driver drove Nybia to the airport, Mauricio and I headed off to San Vicente Department to receive the school at Rio Frio from the contractor and then hand the keys over to the president of the ACE (local school community board). Everything checked out as the contractor showed us some add-ons as well, such as a cement table and stools, and a rock studded pathway to the school from the front gate and from the school to the bathrooms.  The school is now ready for painting! (more on that later)

My favorite moment for me was the handing over of the keys to Lorena as she beamed with pride the of ownership.

Lorena receives keys to the new school at Rio Frio


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