First CAFRED teacher training session for 2011

Alberto Barillas led our first teacher training session in San Salvador yesterday. Alberto is nationally recognized as one of the best professional trainers in El Salvador and has designed a program for CAFRED on a volunteer basis. This was the first time that CAFRED has offered training to all  schools simultaneously in a group setting. Previously, CAFRED traveled to in each school to conduct training. This previous method has become cost-prohibitive as we now have 9 teachers and 5 facilitators in 3 schools serving 400 students spread out over a wide area in three Departments.

The trainings will take place once per month on Saturdays for all teachers and facilitators for all three CAFRED schools. CAFRED trainers will also arrange and lead twice-monthly Skype training sessions for teachers and facilitators. The program will include bi-monthly visits to each  school during which trainers will observe and videotape classes in session for group analysis during workshops. CAFRED trainers will also conduct interviews with students, teachers and parents.

The subject of yesterday’s 5-hour session was “Redesigning the school and the classroom”. Currently, CAFRED is also researching the implementation of student “learning-in-service” programs (learning by doing) in an entrepreneurship context.


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