Meeting with National Education Director

During my afternoon meeting with Sandra Alas and Candido Campos in the national director’s office, it became immediately clear that there was a productive vibe in the room and a willingness on all parts to listen.

In short, Sandra Alas has invited CAFRED to work with MinEd to conduct a diagnostic of the communities surrounding Caserio Rio Frio to decide a way to move forward to redesign the “school system” for the immediate area. In conjunction with the National Social Plan, a nucleus of schools would be designed for the area, making better use of the existing school buildings to help meet the needs of all the students in the area.  Students would be assigned to specific schools based on age. This idea (although common in the States and Canada), would be a radical departure for El Salvador’s rural schools.

In terms of CAFRED’s relationship with the Ministry of Education, we will work out a formal agreement together to find a way to collaborate. This is good news for CAFRED, MinEd and the communities CAFRED serves.

I am very thankful to San Vicente Education Director, Candido Campos, for setting up this meeting between all of us.


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