Licenciada Sandra Alas

During a meeting earlier this week with th e Director of Education for San Vicente (State) Lic. Candido Campos, we touched on many themes. At the end of the conversation, I asked if we could transform Rio Frio into a “Tiempo Plena” school (full-time). It has historically only held half-day classes in the morning. The new administration wants to follow a plan that will keep children in school longer to, among other things, keep them occupied and out of gang activity, which is rampant in El Salvador.

He asked if I wanted to ask that same question and make the same case to Lic. Sandra Alas, who is the Director of Education for El Salvador. I said that of course I would. He has now secured the appointment with her for 3 PM today. Looking forward to this meeting and for a chance to promote CAFRED and its rural education plans.


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